Great Links for January

In keeping with the theme of this month’s newsletter on being kind to one’s self, a lovely article from my good friend and uber yogini/ mother/ multi-tasker, Sandra Wind.

‘Cate’s Favourites’ from the founder of the popular Yoga Healer website. Great suggestions for health-boosting herbs, bodycare, books, food, and more.

One of the most powerful TED Talks (Ideas Worth Sharing) ever given. Popular British chef Jamie Oliver won for best lecture of the year in his nutrition-themed speech about how very far we’ve strayed from eating whole foods. Well worth the twenty minutes.

The Smitten Kitchen is as close to food porn as you’ll ever get; the photos are drop-dead gorgeous, she uses only all-natural ingredients (read, real food), offers great seasonal choices, and you just can’t top the absolutely scrumptious recipes! The perfect antidote to the January doldrums :)


One thought on “Great Links for January

  1. Alexandra scheibler

    I just read the story from Sandra Wind and I would like to add that I grew up in Germany with celebrating Saint Martin as well, as kids we made our lanterns, walked from house to house in the neighbourhood, sang special st. Martin songs and received fruits, walnuts (no nutallergies yet) and cookies, sometime candies as well. It is a great lesson for kids to learn the story and in Germany they make a big deal out of it on november 11th every year. And indeed, as in the Netherlands its mostly cold and rainy that day, but nobody minds. – i very much enjoyed reading the article, thanks for posting the link!

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